Fine Carpentry - American Spirit Custom Builders
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Fine Carpentry and Trim

A house just isn’t a home until you’ve added the finishing touches, custom woodwork, and specialty pieces that give your place the wow factor and functionality you desire.

What To Expect

Fine carpentry can be traditional, ornate or contemporary — but one element is always present: immaculate work. American Spirit Custom Builders’ woodworking expertise and quality craftsmanship are the right choices for your fine carpentry project. The process occurs in 3 main phases:


Meet and Greet: During your complimentary consultation, we’ll ask questions about your lifestyle and goals, review your wish list, determine an initial budget and answer any questions you might have.


Design and Planning: We’ll sketch a design concept and present the drawing for your review — and make any revisions needed to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied. We’ll share samples of materials and color palettes to further illustrate the concept.


Construction: The build and installation of custom cabinets, trim work, and specialty pieces vary based on the scope of the project. Our crew does its best to minimize mess, noise, and disruption to your family members during this phase. In the end, you’ll have a remolded space that adds value to your home and functionality and design appeal your entire family will appreciate.

Custom Cabinets

When your kitchen or bathroom only needs a little sprucing up, cabinet replacement can be that one feature that will modernize the entire space. From maple and oak to birch and alder, American Spirit Custom Builders will help you select the right wood for your look and lifestyle.


It doesn’t just stop with kitchens and bathrooms. Additional cabinet-like pieces to consider are corner built-ins, bookshelves, media centers and vanities


American Spirit Custom Builders has the expertise to design and construct whatever you need — and best of all, it will be a one-of-a-kind piece. We’re also experts at infusing different features and materials, like reclaimed wood, metal, and LED lighting, into our work. If you can dream it, we can do it.


Trim is the perfect way to dress up a home. Adding coiffures or wood beams to bare ceilings provides a high-end touch. Walls become more stylized with the addition of chair rails or crown molding. And a new fireplace mantle can create a sophisticated focal point in your living room.


Picture your home with new baseboards, crown molding, window and door trim, chair rails, coiffured ceilings, french doors, fireplace mantles or wood clad siding.


American Spirit Custom Builders designs trim work to match the style of your home, so you achieve a look that feels like it’s always been there.

Specialty Pieces

Do you have an idea in your head, but can’t seem to find anything like it at furniture stores? Or perhaps you’ve been staring at a blank wall for years, wondering how you can make the space more functional without sacrificing a pleasing aesthetic? It sounds like you need a specialty piece.


Specialty pieces are real showpieces for your home and could include countertops, mirrors, reclaimed barn doors, 3D walls.


Specialty pieces are a custom blend of unique design and materials that are melded together to form something really beautiful and unique to your home. Let American Spirit Custom Builders design and build your room’s new focal point.

Schedule a free in-home estimate on your project.